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Ice Schedule

Available Ice for Rent

Practice Ice - $150 all teams
Game Ice - $200 Mite thru Bantam
-additional costs for U16 & above

Required to pay for needed referees and provide your own people to run the clock and penalty box.

For skating party rentals contact Lucas Dawson or any board member.

October Open Slots

3rd 9th 10th 16th 17th 23rd 24th 30th 31st
8am 330p 9am 1115a 9am 330p 9am 445p 9am
915am 445p 1015a 330p 1015a 445p 1015a 6pm 1015a
1030a 6pm 1130a 4:45p 430p 6pm 1130a 715p 1130a
1145a 715p 1245p 6pm 545p 715p 1245p 1245p
1pm 2pm 715p 2pm 2pm
315p 315p 315p
430p 430p 430p
545p 545p 545p