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Banner Sales

Waupun Hockey Advertising Banner Program

As a member of the Waupun Hockey Association, you will receive $50 off of your registration for each business/company that you are able to secure a commitment to purchase an advertising banner. These banners will be displayed in the Waupun Community Center.

Details of the Program:

Each banner is 3’ x 5’ and may include up to 3 colors (additional colors may be added for $25for each color).

A PDF, JPEG, or VECTOR file is preferred method for submitting the banner design. Business cards are also acceptable.

Advertising is $300 per year.
Banner set up cost is $100 initial fee and the company then owns the banner.
Banners will be displayed for the entire year that dues were collected for.
Waupun City Council reserves the right to have banners removed for non-hockey season.